Fun for all in Sæby

Sæby is both old-school charming and up-to-date with fun events and arrangements.

The restaurants are known for their high standard, especially the sea-food restaurants located next to the marina.

In and around The Square, which is the natural centerpoint for the shops, events are held such as swinging jazz-concerts and fairs. In the summer the place buzzes with life as lunch and other refreshments are offered outside.

The nature, with children-friendly beaches and tall dunes, attract. Close by the bird sanctuary 'Stensnæs' is well worth a visit, or rent a canoe for the day and just relax gliding up and down the beautiful 'Voer Å'.

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We're easy to reach

Sæby is present on a range of social media, and in the app 'Toppen af Danmark' you'll find most of the information you need to get to know our area. Please, do come and visit us at the Tourist Information when you are here. You'll find us on 'Algade', and we're looking forward to helping you.  


Follow us and be updated on all the latest events. Music is very much a part of the city and we boast of two Concert Bands and also a large Big Band. Every year for the event 'Jazz & Fish' the city is transformed into a mini New Orleans with both contemporary and upcoming jazz on the repertoire. 


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We're proud of our area

At the top of Denmark, you'll find events and things to do wherever you look.
From the old school charm of Sæby, to the unique combination of nature, art and culture in Skagen. Placed in the middle is "The little Big City" Frederikshavn with a naval base and a palm beach. No matter where you stay in the area you're close to all the possibilities.


Much more of everything

Visit us at the tourist offices in Frederikshavn, Skagen and Sæby, and let us help with your questions.

We'll be looking ofrward to seeing you, and hope to help make your stay with us the most memorable holiday of the year. 

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